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The Apostolic Center of Theological Studies (ACTS) is our school of theology. Sessions are held on Monday. The new semester begins  9 January 2012.

Tuesday Service

Byblos.  Tuesday service starts with worship then a lesson by Bishop Mark Starin.  You can get the notes of these lessons from this website.  Go to “Material” then “Bible Studies.”  Series that have been taught are Divine Healing, To Be Like Jesus, Knowing and Loving God, The Great Commission, and many more.


3 June 2012

“Pentecost Sunday”

Reverend Jonathan Sherry is coming to Lebanon and will be preaching Pentecost Sunday. We are expecting a time of miracles, healings, and an out-pouring of the Holy Ghost. Come and see what the power of Pentecost can do in your life.

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July 24-28, 2012, Lebanon will host the seminar “Revival By Design”. Reverend Mark Shutes will be teaching the seminar. There will be people coming from the Middle East and Europe to attend this seminar. If you are interested to know more about this seminar please contact Reverend Mark Starin.

Revival By Design