Mark Starin’s Biography


Mark and Mariann Starin

The Mark Starin family has been making a difference in the Middle East since 1984 through the preaching of the Word of God.  They have served in Jordan, the island of Cyprus, and in Lebanon where they pioneered the Apostolic Church of Lebanon.  The Starins have been making a difference through the printed word.  They have dedicated much of their efforts to translating and writing Apostolic materials in the Arabic language.  They have translated and written materials such as Sunday School materials, Pentecostal hymns and choruses, doctrinal booklets, tracts, devotional tracts, home fellowship materials, and much more.


Birthdate: February 13, 1954

Marital Status: Married. 

  1. Mark and Mariann (Birthday September 1) were married on August 20, 1983.

Children: Two

  1. Angelica (Birthdate May 13, 1991)

  2. Alexander (Birthdate March 24, 1997)


  1. High School – Graduated from Mohonasen High School, Rotterdam, NY, in 1973.

  2. Certified Professional Portrait Photographer, from Olan Mills Portrait Studios.

  3. Theology – Graduated from the Apostolic Bible School, Schenectady, NY, with a degree in Theology in Apostolic Studies.

  4. Studied Arabic at the University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan.


  1. English

  2. Arabic

Ministerial Status:

  1. Received Ordination to the Ministry, June 25, 1987.

Ministerial Qualifications:

  1. Received a Local License from the UPCI, New York District in 1976.

  2. Assistant Pastor of the Solid Rock Church, Glenmont, NY, 1979-1984.

  3. Pastor of the Amman Fellowship, Amman, Jordan, 1984-1985, 1987.

  4. Ministered in Cyprus, 1988-1990, 2005.

  5. Founding pastor of the Apostolic Church of Lebanon.

  6. Founded Compassion Services Foundation of Lebanon.

  7. Founded the Apostolic Center of Theological Studies of Lebanon.

  8. Evangelistic Work in New York, Cyprus, Egypt, UAE, Germany, Italy, Romania, and Greece. 

  9. Lectured on Middle Eastern Evangelism in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Appointed Positions:

  1. President of the UPC Lebanon

  2. President of the Apostolic Center for Theological Studies of Lebanon

  3. UPCI Official Representative to Cyprus

  4. UPCI Official Representative to Syria

  5. Secretary of the Regional Literature Commission for Europe/Middle East

Elected Positions:

  1. President of Compassion Services Foundation of Lebanon

  2. Secretary of the UPCI Area Wide Field Fellowship Middle East

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